Facial Recognition Glasses help Chinese Police to Identify Violators

In a central Chinese city, police officers have adopted a novel approach to identify criminals during the Lunar New Year travel surge. At the Zhengzhou East high-speed rail station in Henan province, officers have been equipped with unique glasses embedded with facial recognition technology. This initiative commenced at the onset of the “chunyun” season, which marks the annual migration in China when individuals travel back to their native places to celebrate the new year.

Facial Recognition Glasses Aid Chinese Police in Identifying Criminals

How It works?

These innovative glasses are paired with a tablet that scans and matches the faces of passengers against a database of suspects. By Tuesday, the glasses had assisted officers in pinpointing seven individuals involved in hit-and-run incidents and human trafficking, as well as detecting 26 instances of identity deception at the station’s four entry points.

Designed specifically for law enforcement purposes, the facial recognition glasses scan incoming passengers’ faces, and the linked tablet runs the facial data through software that searches for potential matches with known suspects.

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