Elon Mask trolls OpenAI and has probably set about creating his own AI bot based on AI

Ilon Musk plans to develop his own AI bot ‘Based AI’ because ChatGPT is too woke.

IMG is taken from the Elon Musk’s twitter account

Elon Musk plans to develop his own chatbot that can compete with ChatGPT – an AI-powered conversational model that can engage in a variety of conversations with humans. Musk has always taken an interest in AI and its potential, investing in AI-based startups and sharing his views on the technology. However, he recently revealed that he intends to create a digital assistant with the ability to handle various tasks, although he has not released any details regarding its features.

ChatGPT, already renowned for its exceptional conversational abilities, has been in existence for some time now. It can answer general knowledge questions, engage in philosophical discussions, and discuss current events. Musk’s chatbot will supposedly be similar or better than ChatGPT, which, if achieved, could revolutionize AI.

According to reports, there are rumors that Musk’s chatbot will be integrated into Tesla cars and Neuralink system, Musk’s neuroscience firm focused on developing brain-computer interfaces. With the integration of the chatbot into Tesla cars, for instance, a digital assistant can provide drivers with instant solutions to various tasks such as ordering food from drive-thru restaurants, playing music, and setting the temperature. The integration of the chatbot with Neuralink can broaden the realm of possibilities, including telepathic communication.

Musk’s chatbot could influence several industries like improving customer service by providing instant solutions to customers’ problems, assisting doctors and nurses in diagnosing diseases, and recommending treatments in the healthcare industry among others. In the education sector, it could also provide personalised learning to students, improving their understanding and retention of information.


In conclusion, Elon Musk’s intention to develop a chatbot on par with ChatGPT is encouraging to AI enthusiasts. Integration of chatbots with different platforms and industries can change the way humans interact with technology. We can only anticipate that Musk’s chatbot will not disappoint and lives up to its expectations by becoming a game-changer in AI.

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