ChatGPT New GPT’s Update – OpenAI Developer Day 2023

OpenAI has announced a suite of updates that herald a significant leap forward for AI applications. Here’s a breakdown of the latest enhancements of OpenAI Developer Day 2023:


This is a faster and more cost-effective version of ChatGPT-4. It boasts an expanded context window capable of handling approximately 300 pages of text (128k tokens), along with increased token generation limits per second. Additionally, the cost per prompt token has been reduced threefold, and generated tokens are now twice as cheap as the previous iteration.

ChatGPT New GPT's Update - OpenAI Developer Day 2023 - token price

The knowledge base for ChatGPT-4-Turbo has also been expanded to include information up to April 2023, surpassing ChatGPT-4’s cut-off of September 2021. There’s keen interest in benchmarks to assess how the Turbo’s generation quality compares with its increased speed.

Assistants API

OpenAI has introduced a set of no-code tools to facilitate the creation of custom assistant bots leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities. These assistants are capable of writing and executing code and processing input documents and PDFs. Image upload functionality is expected to be integrated later. This development has significantly impacted startups that were building their products around prompting and providing access to custom agents.

New Modalities (Vision & Audio)

Dalle-3 is now accessible via API.

  • Dalle-3 is now accessible via API;
  • A new Text-to-Speech (TTS) model has been released and is available through the API;
  • Whisper-3, an advanced speech-to-text model, has been open-sourced on GitHub and is also available through the API;
  • ChatGPT can now process images through the API.

GPTs Marketplace

OpenAI announced the “GPTs” feature, which allows for the creation of custom versions of ChatGPT for various purposes, along with a centralized marketplace for these models. Developers can sell their customized GPTs on this marketplace and earn a percentage of the revenue, akin to an App Store for bots.

For Enterprise plan users and API clients, OpenAI has introduced a feature to protect against copyright infringement on the OpenAI Developer Day 2023. If a user is sued for copyright infringement resulting from OpenAI model generations, OpenAI will step in on the user’s behalf and cover all legal expenses.

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